Corn totopos with guacamole and pico de gallo 6.95
Tuna sashimi tortilla with wakame seaweed and spicy dressing (2 pieces) 7.95
Caesar salad with grilled chicken and parmesan cheese 8.95
Tuna ventresca salad with avocado and potato 9.95
Tempura prawns salad with creamy spicy sauce 11.95
King prawns ceviche with guacamole and crispy corn 10.95
Vegetables in tempura poké with tomato, avocado, oinion, cucumber, mushrooms,
zucchinni, carrot, lamb´s lettuce and tofu 9.95
Salmón poké with red onion, cucumber, carrot, green beans, avocado,
mango, cherry tomatoes and citrus dressing 11.95


Crispy gyozas chicken and vegetables fried dumplings (5 pieces) 6.95
Chicken wings with ají amarillo chimichurri 7.95
Crispy chicken with chipotle sauce 8.45
Baby squid with mojo rojo mayonnaise 8.95
Grilled chicken tacos with melted cheese and corn tortillas (2 pieces) 7.95
Governor tacos melted Idiazabal cheese and corn tortillas (2 pieces) 8.95
Bao bun with tempura prawns with vegetables and creamy sauce (2 pieces) 8.95
Mini burger bao bun with japanese dressing and sauteed vegetables (2 uds.) 8.95
Beef cheeks quesadillas with roasted vegetables (3 pieces) 9.95


Chicken katsu curry stir fried crispy chicken with rice and vegetables 10.95
Rice wok with chicken breast and spicy sauce 10.95
Rice “tapadillo” king prawns and baby squids with vegetables and omelette 10.95
Pad Thai spicy rice noodles with vegetables and king prawns 10.95
Creamy rice casserole with king prawns and grilled hake 11.95
Soba noodles with beef sirloin and vegetables 11.95
Vegetables and king prawns wok with red curry and stir fried rice 11.95
Beef sirloin with fried egg and french fries 13.95


Crispy chicken burger with tomatoes, rocket and guacamole (spicy or non) 9.95*
Chilli burger 100% beef marinated at home with chillies and spices,
served with tomato, lettuce, fried onion and avocado 10.95*
Barbecue burger 100% homemade beef with lettuce, tomato, crispy bacon, melted cheese,
onion rings and barbecue sauce 10.95*
Pacifico burger 100% homemade beef with lettuce, tomato, melted cheese,
ham, mustard mayonnaise and grilled egg 10.95
Sirloin “katsu sando” crispy sirloin with tonkatsu sauce, lettuce and
japanese mayonnaise on brioche bread 14.95*
Salmon with teriyaki sauce and grilled vegetable 13.95
Grilled octopus with potatoes and black olive sauce 14.95
Tuna tataki with avocado and shitake 15.95
Grilled picanha with pico de gallo and corn on the cob 13.95
Grilled sirloin steak with spicy marinade 16.95

*with a variety of french fries


Uramaki criollo fried chicken with lettuce and curry mayonnaise 7.95
Yasay teriyaki roll vegetables in tempura, creamy cheese with teriyaki sauce, avocado and mango uramaki 7.95
“Chipi” maki roll fried baby squid and avocado with wasabi mayonnaise uramaki 7.95
California roll 2.0 kanikama uramaki with cucumber, avocado and flying fish roe 7.95
Inca maki picante fried baby squid, avocado and onion with chipotle sauce and poached onion uramaki 8.45
Canchita tuna tuna uramaki with avocado, nikkei dressing and crispy corn 9.95
Shake tartar salmon tartar on avocado with crispy corn uramaki 9.95
Maguro tartar avocado uramaki with spicy tuna 9.95
Pekin roll crispy duck confit futomaki with cucumber, onion and tonkatsu sauce 9.95
Shake avocado tartar uramaki filled with salmon and cream cheese with avocado tartar and ponzu dressing 9.95
Prawn tempura prawns in tempura with spicy creamy sauce on cucumber and asparagus uramaki 9.95
Hot shake philadelphia salmon, avocado, onion and philadelphia cheese fried futomaki 10.95
Lima roll prawns in tempura, avocado, tuna and rocoto sauce uramaki 10.95
Solomillo spicy roll sirloin tartar on cucumber and avocado uramaki with spicy sesame and soy sauce 10.95
Ebi tempura uramaki prawns in tempura with tuna tataki, avocado and ponzu sauce uramaki 10.95


Cheesecake with redberries puree and coconut ice-cream 4.95
Brownie with hot chocolate and vanilla ice-cream 5.95
“Cuatro leches” with redberries and almonds 5.95
“La ruta del chocolate” chocolate in different textures 5.95
“Creps de cajeta” with dulce de leche ice-cream 5.95
Coconut “pot” coconut and almond sponge cake with coconut foam and oreo cookie ice cream 5.95
Ice-creams homemade ice-creams (2 scoops) 4.95

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